We’re ALL on the same team

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Have you ever noticed that when baseball players hit a single and land on 1st base, they can be seen chatting with their "enemy" on the bases?

I enjoy watching them – and wonder what they're talking about.  It reminds me that despite the animosity often expressed by fans, baseball is just a game.    The players are all players.  They may switch sides sometimes, but they are really all the same – working toward the same goals, with the same methods.

Players in every industry change teams.  It's normal, common and in fact it's a good thing.   When we leave one "team," we bring the culture, values, passion and insight that we built into another organization.  Such diversity of thought, values, vision and culture is what keeps us all growing as people and as teams – working toward shared success.

This isn't always apparent to those off the field. A few years ago – a good friend of mine was diagnosed with a serious illness.  Some of the greatest support for her (and her family) was provided by her counterparts at competing companies.  It was touching – but not surprising – to see others rally around her and support her as she fought back to complete recovery.  

And what a privilege it has been for me to work within a community of government leaders, industry leaders, community leaders, consumer advocates, informaticists, and researchers as we strive toward better health for all.  

I started this blog fifteen years ago on November 15th.  Here's the first post.  Stay tuned for (much) more from me in the next few weeks – toward a 15 year anniversary post on 11/15/14, and a re-launch of Docnotes for its 15th year.  


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  1. Glad to see fresh posts; looking forward to more. Congrats on finally finding some time to tend to this and your many other activities that I’m sure took a decreased priority while you served us all! Thank you.

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