PREVENT SPAM! – Marathon Fundraising

I'm sending out the following e-mail to my friends and family on Monday.  

You can prevent this spam .. (I'm learning from Public Radio!) .. but only if you make a generous donation TODAY!

Don't put it off! .. 



Keeping this short for ya:

a) I'm running in a marathon in January. 

b) To raise cash for a good cause (LLS).

c) You have some cash you can spare.  I know you do – even just a little.  That's why I am sending you this email.

d) Click here to see my "make a donation" page .. or skip it and click here to skip the "info" page and make a donation of $4 for every mile I run.  Just $4.  Not much at all – right?     Thanks!

– Jacob   

P.S. Feel free to forward this email (or URL) to as many people as you like to encourage them to donate as well!