Gordon’s Notes: The phone call is dead – sort of

Phil Bradley comments on a Tech Crunch essay on the death of the phone call.

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John (agreeing with Phil) comments that the unscheduled phone call is dead.

I (almost) disagree. The unscheduled social call is welcome. When my sister called me this morning, it was welcome.

The unscheduled WORK call is rude. I agree. I get one or two unscheduled "work" calls every day. Until now – I couldn't put my finger on it. I think to myself – as I discover during the first few seconds – who it is and why they called me .. "why didn't you just send me an e-mail so we could schedule a call?"

2 thoughts on “Gordon’s Notes: The phone call is dead – sort of

  1. Ahh, but your kids have abandoned you! You live the carefree life of the liberated. Work is where I go to kick back and relax. Home is much more hectic, and my kids don’t like the servants taking unscheduled breaks.

    Anyway if my mother (or, much worse, my father) calls me out of turn I get chest pains.

  2. You know, you are right. Come to think of it, the phone calls that we usually get now are sales calls and service related inquiries. The only social calls we get are from relatives that live in the province, and who aren’t verse with the new means of communication.

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