Running in Winter: Saran Wrap?

It’s cold out there in Smallbany, NY these days – which is making it extra-hard to put on them the running shoes and get out there.  Combine that with something that I think my mom gave me (thanks, mom) .. and it’s awfully uncomfortable to run – especially when it’s windy.  Yesterday I wrapped my toes with plastic wrap ..and they were MUCH happier.  A quick Internet search on this – and I didn’t find much .. but this guy posted a few weeks ago on how it helped on a rainy day:

Sotally Tober is Runnin’ to the Finish Line: Saran Wrap on my feet?.

Maybe I need to try some of those “winter” running shoes.  Hmm.

I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon of 2010 .. March 7th in Florida.  Sam and I will be there for our annual Red Sox Spring Training Pilgrimage.  My goal is to beat my 2009 time by 45 minutes.  I should be able to do this – if I don’t get too lazy/cold over the next 10 weeks.