Goin to Ecuador!

I know it's been a while.    I've been thinking that the reason I don't post here so often any longer  is because my thoughts are the intellectual property of the company I work for – which may very well be the case – but I recall that my blogging also started to slow down when my mom discovered the blog.

Hmm .. I expect that this is fairly common.  My son blocked me from Facebook when he discovered that I had an account.

So the latest news is that I'm going to Ecuador soon.  Read all about the adventure here.  I'll be blogging the adventure .. and as you may see  ..  It would be fantastic if you could help support my plan to bring down some materials to help teach doctors "best practices" in maternity care.

One thought on “Goin to Ecuador!

  1. Good for you, Jacob!

    I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderfully rewarding experience in Ecuador. They’re lucky to have you.


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