FMDRL: Pharyngitis quality of care in a retail health setting

Pharyngitis quality of care in a retail health setting

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This is a sobering study .. which validates what we all fear:  patients get what they (think) they WANT – rather than what they NEED – in retail clinics.

Good service, bad medicine.

Why can't we find a way to deliver both?


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AMIA Primary Care Informatics Working Group

I'm a Proud member of the AMIA Primary Care Informatics Working Group and yesterday I attended a session hosted by the group at this year's annual meeting of AMIA.

It's great to be with a group of colleagues who are passionate about HIT and the potential that exists for healthcare.   What's distinct is that the goals here have nothing to do with making money:  the people here are physicians – and the goal is to improve the quality of care for our patients. 

I (still) belive that if we do the right things – working toward THIS goal – the success of any related business will come easily.  A successful business can't be the primary goal.  Indeed – it's a secondary goal -  just like learning should be every student's primary goal – rather than getting good grades.

Being @ AMIA is therefore an energizer for me – and I was inspired yesterday by Stasia Kahn – who has been working hard with the Northern Illinois Physicians for Connectivity.

Somehow – things are fitting together.   So long as we keep the right goals at the top of the list – I think we'll get there.