Misys to Revolutionize Small Medical Practices

This announcement describes in detail the next step in the evolution of a great healthcare IT company.

This is a big day in Raleigh – and something I'm proud to be a part of .. and it's one of two announcements made this week.  The other one is just as important and highlights how Misys "gets" health IT in a way that most companies don't yet take seriously. 

Longtime readers of Docnotes understand that I say what I think – and nothing less.  This isn't the company speaking – this is me.  As an industry – we've been held back by the self-evident truths that turn out not to be so true.   Misys is now in a great position to demonstrate the agility often seen in only small companies – with the integrity, depth, and strength that one only finds in large companies.  Our elephant is beginning to dance!