Camping this summer again on Indian Lake.  We brought the kids and dogs back home last night .. but going  back up today.  It rained a lot at first – but weather was great yesterday – and more of the same forecast for tomorrow.

It's good to be away from e-mail etc .. for a few days, but I'm not very well prepared for the avalanche that I'll encounter when I return.

I had a busy time last week at the MHSUG meeting in Dallas.

It was great to meet so many physicians who depend on our software for patient care, and its an exciting time @ the company – as we're in a great position to deliver solutions to real problems.   This basic principle may sound like MarketingSpeak – but it's really an important shift in how a company looks at health care IT.   We are no longer a company that sells products.  If you've read Docnotes for long (8 years?) you know this is how I think about IT in general.  We need to be conservative in our approach to how we implement IT in heathcare – and create real solutions to real problems.  Too often – we see ideas and products developed that may in fact better represent solutions looking for problems!  Such products can't survive long-term, and become an ever-increasing burden to the sales organizations and the customers.  "Web 2.0" has seen many of these come and go.  I still think we'll see "Med 2.0" rather soon — it's exciting to be a part of it!