Physician Loses License for Prescribing Antibiotics

Long-time readers of my blog know that I'm a fanatic about judicious use of antibiotics. 

This case (pdf) caught my wife's eye .. and she forwarded it to me:

"… Here, in support of the allegations of negligence, gross incompetence and failure to maintain accurate medical records, BPMC presented evidence that petitioner had repeatedly prescribed antibiotics for four pediatric patients with complaints of sore, red throats without recording adequate medical histories or doing throat cultures, and despite his having made a diagnosis for which antibiotics would be ineffective. BPMC's expert established the standard of care for diagnosing such ailments in children and explained the adverse consequences of the improper prescription of antibiotics"

What's unfortunate is that this still goes on every day – and of course it feeds the expectation in our patients that antibiotics are good for sore throats.  Ugh.