Free CallerID Reverse Lookups Mashup

As avid readers know – we use the Switchvox VOIP PBX in our office. It's been up about 18 months now .. and despite some hiccups – we're happy. It's flexible and reliable.

If our phone company was sending us the callerID names with the calls – we'd see them .. but they don't.    There are a few ways to get this – including some expensive solutions and some less expensive ones .. but I've spent some time tonight (this morning?) getting a little "mashup" to do this for free.


Switchvox allows you to send or revieve information with a URL when certain events occur.

So every time a call comes in – SV can send the CALLERID to a URL somewhere. It expects an XML document back with the data. Using Dappit, I made a little application that goes and does a reverse lookup and returns the name(s) associated with that number.

Next – I had to make a stylesheet to turn that output into the XML form that SV wanted. FInally – I had to put it into the "default URL" field in the Switchvox URL manager page.

The URL for Switchvox is:

Don't click that – as it' will cause an error since there is no phone number.

You can use this link to see what it returns