Charmglow Grill recall

The grill we bought last year was recalled not long after we bought it.  I didn't know about the recall untile recently when I went looking for a solution to a different problem that we're having with the grill.

I didn't find anything on the Internet about our problem – so here's my contibution.  No – not a medical post, but perhaps this will help save someone's eyebrows.

Our problem was that the grill was leaking at the junction of the gas line to the valves.  There's a little o-ring. that went bad on two of the three valves in only 1 year.

I looked at the company's (lame) website (the grills are made by Nexgrill, not Charmglow) and found no way to order a replacement part.  The poor soul at Home Depot suggested I call the 800 number.  The people at the 800 number offered to sell me a new valve assembly and didn't know about any o-ring.

Here's the problem:

You can see where the gas leaked and fire came out.  Scary.  The valves sit on the gas-line which has a hole in it.  Each valve sits in/on the hole .. and the o-ring keeps the gas going to the right place.

I couldn't find anything @ Home Depot that would fit.  Real o-rings are too skinny.  Finally I found the solution.  I bought 1 foot of 1/4" ID, 5/8" OD hose and cutr off tiny pieces of it to make my own o-rings.

Here's one in place of the o-ring: