Forehead Hickey from suction-cup pen

So today I was having fun during lunchtime.  The rep from a local oxygen supply company was there to tell us about her new portable oxygen concentrator and she brought cool pens like these.

So of course I stuck one on my (growing) forehead and had lunch.  Wouldn't you?  Of course you would.

So now  I have a forehead hickey.


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3 thoughts on “Forehead Hickey from suction-cup pen

  1. So there I am perusing the web and I see my family physician online with a head hickey. I don’t know what to think, the only thing more distressing is the Red Sox hat, sheesh. Noticed your latest blog on the CHD spreadsheet and moving it to the web and was wondering if you saw that Google is offering invites to their Spreadsheets program, I’ve been using it and it’s seems pretty cool.

    Jamie Hosley

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