CHD risk estimator: another gem found on FMDRL

This week's gem over at the Family Medicine Digital Resource Library is Michael Crouch's CHD risk estimator with adjustment for family history of CHD.   It's an excel spreadsheet.  I'd love to see this migrate to the web.  It would be a great public service .. any takers?

3 thoughts on “CHD risk estimator: another gem found on FMDRL

  1. Google’s spreadsheet, when it comes online, would be an easy way to move this over …

    I don’t know anyone that has access yet, my beta request wasn’t granted …

    PS. Jacob, you haven’t enabled TypeKey registration. Does it give too much spam?

  2. If the spreadsheet is uploaded to Google spreadsheets and the setting is changed to everyone invited… then porting it to the web would just about be accomplished

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