EHR Focus group in SF?

In San Francisco for the STFM meeting?

Want to help us understand what the next generation should look like/function?

Sign up here for a free dinner .. and you'll get an iPod Shuffle too!


One thought on “EHR Focus group in SF?

  1. Dr. Reider,

    I have been reading your bolg and I see that due to other constraints, you may not be able to blog as often. What a shame. You have taught so much so generously, I will miss reading your very helpful entries.

    I am not a doctor, but rather a blogger in my own field. What has made your blog so helpful to me, though, is not just your casual and informative style of writing, but how you write about being a doctor.

    You have helped me to undertand my own doctors, my parents doctors, and my child’s doctors.

    The key to high quality medical treatment IMHO, is the ability to communicate information, and expectations to one another with increasing degrees of understanding, respect and humanity.

    You have helped me to understand what doctors need from me, as a patient a parent or an advocate, and that has improved the medical treatment we receive.

    Thank you for your valuable insights, and I hope your new project is inspiring and deeply satisfying on both a personal and professional level.

    Best regards,

    Another Albany Blogger

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