Red Sox (Spring) Fever, Pesky’s fractured fibula, Sunscreen

Over the past two weeks, Sam and I have  been to  Killington:


And we've been to "Fenway – South" .. City of Palms Park in Ft Myers ..


.. where we spent four great days watching the Red Sox play.  Alas .. Sunday's game against the Orioles was Bronson Arroyo's last game for the Red Sox, which makes us sad.  

Sam got lots of autographs .. we saw Johnny Pesky and wished him well (he broke his leg on Saturday) .. and thanks to little packets of sunscreen that were handed out at City of Palms Park courtesy of the SHADE foundation ..we're just as pale as we were before we left Albany. 😉

One thought on “Red Sox (Spring) Fever, Pesky’s fractured fibula, Sunscreen

  1. Dr. Reider, if I had known that you were a RedSox fan… well, I’d just would even gush more about you. I always tell people what a wonderful person and physician you are but now that I know you are a Sox fan… they will think I want to marry you.

    Talk soon,


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