RSS tutorial for STFM Board

I gave the STFM board a short overview of RSS .. and how one might start using it.  To start .. we looked at the STFM news page .. which has an RSS icon.

Next we looked at the Personal Google home page – which permits users to add RSS feeds to make their own "news page"

RSS started out as a geeky method for bloggers to share information – but it's really made it to the mainstream now.  Microsoft will fully support it in the next version of Internet Explorer.

We looked at the NEJM home page .. and one can see the familiar RSS icon at the bottom of the page.  Clicking there brings you to the RSS page of NEJM's website. is an aggregator for medical weblogs. 

My Yahoo provides great support for subscribing to weblogs.  Here is the "add an RSS feed" page.

So does Bloglines.

I enjoyed reading the notes of the HarborFM residents on their weblog – which of course has an RSS feed. .. but don't click on the RSS feed. It's ugly. But clicking on these links will add the Harbor FM blog feed to the respective "my" sites:

And of course you can add the whole medlogs RSS feed (which is a sum of the RSS feeds that Medlogs subscribes to) .. Add to My AOL, MyYahoo, Google, Bloglines

Finally – we looked at how I subscribed to RSS feeds from within Outlook using a small free application called blogbot.

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