Lenovo x41 tablet Mini-Review

So today I am trying out a  Lenovo – Tablet .

So far – I am impressed.   The device has a solid feel to it – unlike the HP TC1100 or even the HP TC4200.

The keyboard is cramped when compared to a fullside keyboard.  I'm using my HP NC6230 for my primary laptop these days .. but the touchpas works only about 1/3 of the time so it is going back (again) to HP to get rebuilt and I will not be the happy owner when it comes back.  Perhaps I am too rough on the ppor thing.  Back in the old days – my Compaq Armada M700 took a kickin like this and worked well for years.  Not so these day, it seems.

Ok .. back to the mini-review.  You can read about the specs in other reviews.  that's now what I care about right now.  Most of the products are similar in specs.  I tried the Gateway CX200 for a few hours a few weeks ago and didn't like it.  Too big.

This thing may be a tiny bit too small.  Hmm .. I am used to the trackpad, but the nipple is pretty big – so it's not too hard to get used to .. and it is sensitive – unlike the HP's nipple – which requires too much pressure to control.

Screen is nice.  I don't care much about viewing angle .. so the big shiny gateway isn't really necessary.  Not watching Lost on the computer (much).

The fingerprint ID stuff is cool but I'm not sure I would use it.

The laptop is super quiet and seems to run cool – which is .. um .. cool.

So far, this gets an A- … and may be my next laptop.  we'll see.  I'd like to get my hands on a Toshiba M400 .. or even better .. an HP TC 4400 .. to see if the Duo will make much of a difference .. before I pull the trigger on this one.