A Medical Education Digital Resource Library – FMDRL

Family Medicine Digital Resource Library  – now the 1.0 release is out – thanks to Dave Ross for the final push with programming. 

We still have many loose ends to clean up .. and some UI bits .. but we've been sitting on this release for a few months .. and Richard finally pushed us to just release it once and for all.

Version 1.1 will come in about 2 weeks.  I hope.

We lost our other programmer in a series of frustrating events that have taught me a bit about Federal grants.  We were awarded the grant in October, 2004 – but were notified of our award only weeks before.  It took some time for us to re-arrange things and get started on the work – as those of us involved had other things we were doing.  Can't just wait around for the grant and do nothing!

So we got the grant, cleaned up (I actually quit one of my jobs!) … and really got going by ~ February 2005.  While we were a few months behind .. we got the beta version of FMDRL up by the time of the STFM national meeting last May.

Trouble is that by the end of the "year 1" grant cycle, we hadn't finished all of the "year 1" development and so hadn't spent all of our development money.  So we asked for an extension of the year 1 development money – hoping they would respond promptly and we could keep the developers going.

But now it's three months later and we have heard nothing.

The programmer had to get another job – and now Dave's left by himself – with a lot to do .. and not much time to do it.

Maybe I'll have to stop in at NLM sometime soon to bother someone and get an answer!