Web Host Trouble

The Web host that provides services for Docnotes.net and medlogs.com has had some difficulties recently.

About 10 days ago (as you may have noticed) the server was down for about two days.  This is because one of their servers (srv2) needed to be replaced. they moved all of the clients off of that machine and onto new machine (srv3). 

Today's difficulties are described in their response to the trouble ticket pasted below.

Unfortunately, they made no mention of this on their web site – and the whole thing bothers me enough that I think it might be time to move to new Web host that offers some redundancy or just move it to one of the servers that we host ourselves.  Originally, we were on a very inexpensive plan with this host, and "you get what you pay for" was understood and accepted.  At this point, we are paying $30 per month in light of the band with required to support medlogs.com.

I think for that much, a little redundancy would be in order.