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So it's been a while since I've added to  Here are a few standounts from the 20-or-so recent submissions that I added today.  If your blog was submitted but it doesn't yet appear in Medlogs – chances are that you don't have a valid RSS feed (, msspnexus blog, etc) or that our editorial board (me) decided that the weblog has commerce as a primary goal rather than the sharing of information.  Some blogs are on-the-edge of this (such as and have been added to the "more"section. 

  • Christina's Considerations focuses on "workplace effectiveness, regional health information exchanges and health information technology, and healthy children and families."  She recently posted a sample RHIO executive director job description. 

    RHIOs are all-the-rage these days – and our area is no different.  Trouble is – no one can agree on what a RHIO should be.   My concern is that the primary goal of a RHIO – to improve the care of the patient – is often secondary to more selfish goals of an orginazation.  Unless the providers ina  community cal really agree on the basic principles – a RHIO is not likely to succeed. 

  • Dr GNU is a podiatrist and has interests in open-source software.  Not many posts yet …
  • The Fat Doctor.  'nuf said?  Excellent.
  • Cosmic Watercooler is a nurseblog:
        "I am an RN and I don't know why.
         I like it, but the pay sucks.
         I have a wonderful family and that's all that matters."
  • The Healthcare IT guy and Neil Versel's Health IT Blog are about .. um .. healthcare IT.
  • And of course .. there is a new bird flu blog.

There are many more .. and as always – the resident/student blogs offer some of the best ..

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  1. Dr. Reider: You are correct! Improving the care of the patient needs to be at the forefront. As a patient, I also see this including improving efficiency and helping to control the cost of healthcare.

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