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Dave Winer linked to yesterday's Grand Rounds post and the server is taking a big hit today.  I reorganized the archive template to load a bit faster .. and provide more context.

Doing the Grand Rounds reminded me that bloogers like (love?) traffic.   Do lots of hits define a good blog?   I remember Steve talking at the first Bloggercon about watching his traffic logs and keeping an eye on the referrers – always interested in who is out there reading what he writes.

I'm getting lots of e-mail this morning about posts that I didn't include, or suggestions for more.  No – these aren't the online Vi_g_a (dare I even write the word for fear of attracting TrackBackSpam) sites – but real bloggers who just want their message "out there."

Contrast this with the bloggers like Kevin and Sydney and DB.  Bloggin away .. and doing great work – whether you read it or not.  My best posts are written for me – not for you. 

I'm not saying that wanting traffic is bad (yeh – I sent Dave an e-mail inviting him to post a link) but I don't think that it should be the primary reason for doing this sort of writing.  

6 thoughts on “Medical Blogs etc.

  1. I’m not impressed with your efforts, despite whatever excuses you make in this apologia pro vita sua. Your web site didn’t include any way of submitting a post until the day before publication. Also, you are two days late in publishing GR, and based on prior GRs appear to have ignored ten or twenty submitted posts (for what reason I can only surmise). Your statement “my best posts are written for me – not for you” comes off as an incongruous piece of boasting that has me puzzled as to why such a philosophy would qualify one as a host for GR, where we want as many different pieces as possible presented to the non-medical reading audience. Also, bloggers is spelled with one ‘o’. Thanks for letting this old-time poster (beginning with Grand Rounds number 1) vent, and have a nice day.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Having others respond to and possibly benefit from our blogs is just an added benefit . . .

  3. “It’s the host’s discretion as to what gets included. This week, that’s me. In addition to linking to your posts, I’ll be providing the groan-inducing puns, and snarky comments, that readers have come to expect and dread. It’s nothing personal.”

    Good grief, I certainly hope no one is going to go through my blog looking for typos.

  4. Well, DP isn’t being downright pleasant (is a name change to PP in order?) and CO is cranky (and insulting), not Cheerful. It must be opposite day!

  5. lol–that comment was for CO’s benefit. It’s taken from Nick’s blog re: Grand Rounds . . . So far, I’ve been happily surprised that my entries have been included in GR–it’s not an expectation for me. My blog is my other therapist ;o). Make it a great week! PP

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