Dead blog?

My wife declared my weblog dead yesterday.  She's not far from the truth.  And she complained that the few posts I've made in recent weeks/months have been too boring.


Perhaps the weblog is a thermometer for how I'm feeling.

Not-so-good recently.

I enjoy my work as a family physician.  Worked yesterday from 9 AM to 8 PM and felt pretty good at the end of the looong day.  Saw lots of patients and yet didn't feel too rushed.  Didn't finish all of my notes during the day – which is a perpetual struggle for me.  The usability of the EMR stinks .. which is a part of the problem (but not all of it).

When I am in the room with a patient, I do my best to focus on the interaction with the patient

2 thoughts on “Dead blog?

  1. far from dead! but every one of us docs face the same struggles. i do what’s important to the patient on the EMR in the exam room – order entry (efficent labs/xray) and faxing prescriptions. I leave charting ’till later as well. sometimes until the wee hours…

  2. I’m curious what you think of a doctor who types at his computer during one’s office visit? I see a rheumatologist 4x a year and during my 20 minute interaction with him I’m generally talking to the top of his head because he is pounding away on his computer. I have no earthly idea what he is typing, but it does make me curious.

    It actually makes me somewhat nervous, so I talk on trying to squeeze all my questions in and hope that he will surface to respond to some of them at some point. He normally will arise and do an exam of my joints, check my lungs,etc, but I kind of feel that he could be spending better time by interacting with me and talking about what I need to do to stay in the best health possible. Instead, I have to guide the whole conversation.

    Curious as to your thoughts on this.

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