Apple iMac G5 – DOA & service troubles

Well . perhaps it was the OS 10.4 reviews (generally good) and the
trouble we had with editing movies with the crappy Windows software …
or I just wanted to see how the other side lived again (my 1st
computers were Macs .. and I lived over there on the "light side" for
!0 years before defecting in about 1995. 

So far, the next Mac decade isn't going so well.

The imac arrived today and Sam set it up in the family room.  All
was going OK until he called me in and suggested that I should help get
it to go on.

Everything was hooked together right, but it just wouldn't go on.

He said that it had powered up once and then "fell asleep." after about 30 seconds.

Subsequent efforts to get it on were unsuccessful.

That was about 10:00 PM

Apple Support is closed .. but they have "24 x 7 chat support" and an online troubleshooter.

I tried the troubleshooter while waiting for the online chat to
respond.  The troubleshooter was good, but I hit a dead end when
it told me to push a button that doesn't exist on my model.

So far – it looks like we are victims of the well-documented G5 imac
power supply issues.  But I think we have a world record for how
long the machine lasted.  (under 1 minute!)

Here's the transcript of my chat session with Apple — after waiting in their cue for 2 hrs: