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  1. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your medical blog and others for a while now; they make a great read for someone about to enter into the medical field (1st year of medical school next year!) Anyway, in one of your entries, I can’t remember which, you about some ideas you had been thinking of for your medical blogs site. I’ve been enjoying these blogs for a while now and thinking that they might be a great resource for people at various stages of their medical careers; something to let them know what’s coming around the bend. This might help pre-meds trying to decide to go into medicine, 2nd yr. med students trying to decide which specialties they really want to emphasize in their clinical rotations, etc. I think one thing that can certainly be said about medicine, being the son of two dr. parents, is that there is often a complete lack of knowledge outside the profession as to the daily headaches of being a doc, and talking to my friends and looking on the web, there aren’t a whole lot of resources out there to redress this. Anyway, an idea that I had, and I’m trying to get some feedback on, is to have some site like http://www.aamc or http://www.aasm host recruit a dr. from various specialties and have them post what they did during a specific day for a few weeks, talk about the frustrations of medicine, maybe turn it into a blog if they’re up to it. At least I think they could certainly do something with the blogs that are already out there; maybe provide hosting for some of the more clinically-oriented of them. Just wanted to see what somebody thought. Thanks for the blog.


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