Medlogs, Asterisk & Earwax

Medlogs, Asterisk & Earwax: 

I did the weekly review last night and approved of another batch of medical weblogs for inclusion in  Lots of medical weblogs. Wow.  It's no secret that we've been talking with Steve about some sort of partnership.  Medlogs may have outgrown its current iteration, which is just fine.  We need to categorize things better (volunteer libriarian-types welcome to assist with this!) .. and we may use some of the cataloging tools we're developing for FMDRL to help with these functions.

I met last week with Glenn McGee who is crazy.  Reminds me of myself.  He's FULL of energy — and I think he may actually be able to accomplish his goals .. which are many.  He has ideas for Medlogs too — and how we could integrate it into  Hmmm

Speaking of crazy – I installed an Asterisk server in my basement.   I used Asterisk @ Home .. which is kinda Asterisk for dummies.

It works remarkably well, and I learned that SIP phones are oh-so-2004 and that the cool 2005 protocol for IP telephony is IAX.  It does work better than SIP and it works from behind firewalls too.  (Though I had to punch a hole in the smoothwall firewall that's runninng in the basement – for phones to get through to the server).  There's a free IAX softphone called Firefly that works on "third party networks" (including any Asterisk server).   It is the bext IAX softphone that I've found yet.  May actually buy a hard phone at some point.  The cool thing is that with either the softphone or the hard phone … if I am on the Internet .. plug it in and the thing will work as if it's local.  So calls that come in to my number just ring … and calls that I make will go out as if I was sitting there 10 feet from the server. 


What's all that have to do with earwax?  Nothing.  But Bandolier has a great little review on earwax today.  A quick read – and well done as usual. 


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  1. there isn’t a day that my MA’s don’t flush an ear… but i gotta try a IAX phone now. We use lingo but there’s a lot of latency.

  2. Thanks for keeping us apprised on the future of medlogs. I started a discussion group for Grand Rounds promotion ideas, and I’d love to have your input. Can I send you an invite? I can’t seem to find your email address.

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