EHR implementation, etc ..

Long time … let's see ..

  • The AAFP has released the findings of their EHR pilot project.  Not much new news there.  Bottom line: small practices will do just fine with an ASP model, and we need to re-do workflow.  Duh.  They used the Medplexus EHR – which is promoted as an "XML- and Java-based EHR."  I don't get why XML and Java are meaningful in any way as a marketing pitch.  The end'user should not give a hoot what language the code is written in – not should we care how the data is stored.  It could be written in assembler and have the data stored in mvbase for all I care .. just so long as I can query the database (or XML-Base?) in a meaningful way.  The MedPlexus user interface is well-short of intuitive .. but I guess this doesn't make it unique.   OK .. I'll be quiet.
  • Dave and I went down to NYC and met with Steve and his team.  it was fun, and we talked about some ways to get Medscape involved in Medlogs (or perhaps I should say Medlogs involved in Medscape) ..
  • I discovered BMJUpdates+ last week.  It's a free e-mail based medical update service that sends you links to abstracts of articles that have been selected by an editorial team for high relevance and newsworthiness.  This is good.  It's similar to the POEM concept.  Here's what yesterday's e-mail had for me.  Not bad.  No RS feed though 😉

New articles: colleagues in your discipline have identified the following article(s) as being of interest:

Article TitleDisciplineRele-
Long-term dual blockade with candesartan and lisinopril in hypertensive patients with diabetes: the CALM II study.General Practice(GP)/Family Practice(FP)(all)66
Pro-active call center treatment support (PACCTS) to improve glucose control in type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial.General Practice(GP)/Family Practice(FP)(all)66
A 5-year prospective assessment of the risk associated with individual benzodiazepines and doses in new elderly users.General Practice(GP)/Family Practice(FP)(all)76