Medical Podcast version 0.5

Ok …  to celebrate the ~ 5 year anniversary of my weblog (1st post was 11/14/1999) .. I couldn't help but try the newest thing .. podcasting.  It's hard.  Much harder than writing a weblog .. and it's gonna take me a while to get better at this.  Listening to the 1st five minutes (I couldn't bear to listen to more!) .. I found my voice to be all-too soporific.  I'm not really so dull.  Really I'm not!   So .. here it is.  I'm using the Coral Cache to minimize the bandwidth hit on my server .. we'll see how that goes.

Goals for future versions:

  1. Make it shorter  (U=V/W)
  2. Be less sleepy (don't do it at midnight)
  3. Share some information that is useful and (maybe?) insightful

6 thoughts on “Medical Podcast version 0.5

  1. Jacob, I loved it! What an excellent idea, to do a podcast! I really really enjoyed hearing about your day and the challenges you deal with. I was impressed that you very rarely said “uh.” I think it would take a lot of practice for me to talk for so many minutes on end without stumbling over my words. I’d feel like I was on stage or something.

    Great job, looking forward to more.

  2. Heh, another podcasting doc (I’m on my 4th). This is great! If you need some tech pointers, here are a few sites I found useful: (scroll all the way down, under Podcasting resources). In particular, Whole Wheat Radio has tips about size/bandwith.

  3. Just for your information in the future, when you are recording only a voice, you can encode your mp3 at a MUCH lower quality than 128kbps/44khz. I would speculate that you could get as low as 32kbps/22khz or maybe even lower. This would cut your mp3 size by about 80% or so.

    You can do this because the first number (128 in your case) is the accuracy of the samples and the second number (44 in your case) is the frequency of the samples.

    44khz is understood as a rough estimate of the highest frequency a human can hear. Therefore, if you do not intend to record such frequencies, it is simply wasteful to record them. Same with the bitrate, if you don’t need 128k accuracy, then it’s a waste.

    They do the same thing with audio books.

    Good luck

  4. You had me going there, right up until you hit the part about right ventricular xcvsdfasdf asdfsdf . Then you lost me. I’m not a doctor, but I liked it up until then.

    What I think isn’t important, just remember where your listener is when he hears what you say. I always picture someone on a walk in the park. You have matched your audience well.

    I do all mine first thing in the morning, after a cup of coffee. That helps. Do some more!!

    Charlie the Podcaster.

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