Red Sox Fever

So the series is finally over, and we can get back to our lives.  I was only 4 in 1967 so I don't remember that one .. but I remember 1975 quite well:

October 22, 1975: In game seven, Boston held a 3-0 lead going into the sixth. Pete Rose hit a lead off single; Joe Morgan flew out to right. Johnny Bench grounded to short, but the Red Sox missed a double play opportunity when 2B Denny Doyle threw the ball into the dugout. Bench advanced to second on the mistake. Tony Perez jacked a Bill Lee curve over the Green Monster for his third home run of the Series; Boston's lead was cut to 3-2. 

My favorite player at the time was Doug Griffin – who was always in competition with Doyle for the spot at second base.  So when Doyle blew a double-play that led to a 2 run homer (the Sox eventually lost the game 4-3) .. my dislike for Doyle was enhanced.  The series in 1975 was my first big experience with being a Red Sox fan.  Doyle was my "Bill Buckner."  Nearly 30 years later, I'm happy to have witnessed this historic series .. to wash all of that away.  Congratulations Red Sox Nation.