OnCalls Scheduling Software now Syncs with PDA

ok .. so it took me about a year to get back to this .. but only a few hours to actually get it functional!  OnCalls, the web-based medical scheduling software that Dave and I developed, will now sync with a Palm OS or PocketPC.  If you really want to try it, you can log in with username: "demo" and password "demo."  There aren't many people on-call in the demo group, so there may not be anything to sync (I just put in a few folks for this week just in case you go look).  Palm sync is certainly in test mode, but it weems to work pretty well, and I've heard from quite a few users that they discovered it and like it very much.  Here's the audience-particpiation question:  how much extra should I charge for Palm Sync?

One thought on “OnCalls Scheduling Software now Syncs with PDA

  1. very cool… been trying to get our urgent care group to use your program. this may help sell it, as i’m not aware of any others that sync.

    charging for it should probably be tiered by # of seats, since there are only a fraction that will need to sync.

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