George Soros

George Soros made a compelling speech last week at the National Press Club.  This election is too important to remain idle.

Last week, I heard a local commentator on the radio describing his assessment of the Bush Administration's "Compassionate Conservatism."  While he acknowledged that one could argue with the Bush Administration's compassion — his real beef was with their Conservatism.  Dr Leibo's essay is wonderful. 

So when I read essays like Dr Leibo's and Mr Soros — I honestly wonder how anyone could consider voting for Bush.  It just doesn't make sense …

5 thoughts on “George Soros

  1. How could anyone (republican, democrat or otherwise) consider voting for someone who challenges reality at every step? I’ve never seen a bigger threat to our country and our democracy than the current administration.

    I missed Dr. Leibo’s commentary on WAMC, thanks for linking the transcript.

  2. It’s interesting that these opinion writers so powerfully sway you that you can’t consider the opposite point of view. Have you looked for and critically appraised any evidence that would back up their assertions?

  3. My reservation regarding voting for president Bush are real. However, although he lied (I acknowledge this) about Hussein and the threat he posed and the reasons for war, our need to strongly establish ourselves in the Middle East and pose a true and immediate threat to the terrorist regimes of the area are quite real. The Americal public would have never gone to war for such an argument although it is quite true and, unfortunately, necessary. Kerry’s reluctance to give straight answers and realistic plans makes me quite hesitant to vote Democrat. Finally, we’de like to think that 9/11 never happened, but it did. The republicanbs make us fear and that makes us uncomfortable. BUT, 9/11 happened!

  4. Challenges reality at every step? Well, apparently he challenges many of your assumptions. But since this blog is about evidence I was looking for evidence to back up the opinion pieces that so convinced the blogger.

  5. “Have you looked for and critically appraised any evidence that would back up their assertions? ”
    This can only mean you do not know Dr Reider at all. I do not know anyone who does more both sides of the coin research than he.

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