Gmail, google, etc.

IT digest discusses the present and future of google. 

Here's my idea for another feature .. which I'll bet wouldn't be too hard to implement:

"publish this" in gmail would be a way to publish an e-mail to a weblog.  It would need to support a publishing API so we're not all locked in to blogger.  

oh .. I've got a few gmail invites .. if you want one, post a comment here.

I'll get back to medicine soon. 


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    Jean-Luc R. writes “Via mediaTIC blog. Gallina is a GMail blog tool created by Jonathan Hernandez that uses GMail messages as “entries” (so 1000 MB of entries!!), replies to conversations are the “entry comments”, uses Libgmailer (gmail-lite project) to connect to GMail. It uses XML/XSLT and by the way it’s a GPL software. You can download it there. See the Gallina Demo Blog as for an example.”

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