ATOM feeds: havoc for medlogs

We're having a terrible time the past week over at medlogs with ATOM feeds .. or even feeds that ATOM makes something else attempts to translate to RSS 2.0.  I won't pick on any particular feed, but if you use blogger – your're sending us an ATOM feed.  The bad thing that seems to be happening is that the "link:" that ATOM feeds are sending us as a unique ID for the post is a link to the monthly archive .. with no anchor reference .. so all of the posts have the same link .. which means medlogs thinks all posts are the same .. so … nothing updates.


Now ATOM sends an ID after this link .. and the ID is quique .. so you could say .. "hey dummy .. just get the ID .. "

So .. yeh .. I guess that's the way to go, but I'm confused, since we've been using the same code for months and it worked then .. I wonder wht it just stopped working on or around 9/1 .. hmm .. any thoughts?

I'd prefer we all just stick with RSS 2.0 .. using the guid would be easier.

4 thoughts on “ATOM feeds: havoc for medlogs

  1. I have the same feeling about this. I mean, it was working well before, right? I don’t want to put any ‘conspiracy-theories’ here about 9/1 and all, since my last post updated thru the medlog aggregator was dated Sept 3. Took a hiatus for about 3 days because I went to China and when I came back I noticed it no longer updates my posts, and so I wrote to you by email. If you want anything I can help you with, feel free to tell me. Thanks again!

  2. Any reason why some Blogger feeds are being published (SoloDoc) and some aren’t (mine, and Mental Notes)

  3. Yeah but Bloggers can’t choose to have RSS feeds right? Blogger just does ATOM. Will using Feedburner make a difference?

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