I passed the boards.  Was worried that I didn't .. but I ended up doing pretty well.  won't have to do that again for 7 years.  Phew! ..

Going on vacation for a week.  Bye!


3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. congrats. i’ve got to take them next year.

    what did you use to study? can i purchase your used materials?

    coming to bloggercon III ? stanford law, 11/6/04

  2. Enoch: I didn’t study. I had done so well previously .. and feel like I keep up to date pretty well .. so didn’t study at all. Took about 30 sample questions a few days before and got very worried as I got only about 80% correct.

    It’s been 7 years since I took a test like this .. so I got kinda anxious all of a sudden.

    Well, as the breakdown on my socres showed me … 80% is much better than average … so I passed with a rather wide margin. My performance on the sample was similar to my performance on the exam itself.

    I’ll study next time ..if only to avoid the anxiety of the test itself.

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