Updates – back from vacation

Dave has a fishtank, Elyse ponders security, and (I missed this one) .. hospitals are using SMS to remind patients of their appointments, and Enoch had a baby

Dodgeit is a cool, free receive-only e-mail thingy that will do RSS.

Dave (the other one) is planning bloggercon III.      I can't make it as I'll be in Boston celebrating the World Series win, and .. oh yeah .. I'll be at the AAMC meeting.

Clinical notes:

Moderate wine drinkers have lower hypertension-related mortality: a prospective cohort study in French men

American Family Physician has a nice review of emergency contraception

Effect of a topical diclofenac solution for relieving symptoms of primary osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomized controlled trial

There's a great review on the treatment of acne in JAMA.