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 NWAHEC – Herbs&Dietary Supplements is a very well done online curriculum on herbs and dietary supplements.

The program includes:

Baseline assessment of participant's knowledge, attitudes and clinical communication practices with regard to herbs and dietary supplements.

Answers on this assessment are for curriculum evaluation only. The answers on this questionnaire do not affect educational credit.

The curriculum. 40 1-page, self-instructional modules on commonly used herbs and supplements (sample module). Access to evidence-based information from reliable Internet sites from academic centers and the US government (links and resources). Access to a moderated Listserv (discussion group) with your colleagues who are interested in herbs and supplements. The Listserv will have a maximum of two postings per week. There will NOT be any advertising in these postings, and participants may choose to un-enroll in the ListServ. Post-course assessment and evaluation. Participants must get 70% correct on 10 knowledge questions to obtain continuing education credit.