Speech Recognition

Today, and I'm experimenting with speech recognition .. 

This post and the title of this post are all being done with the native Microsoft speech recognition package in service pack two of windows tablet X. P.


I've experimented some with dragon naturally speaking but don't have that yet on this computer.

I'm actually impressed to see that it works better than I had expected it to be based on my experiments several years ago.

One still needs to speak rather slowly and clearly than expected with more training the program will get better and better.

It works not very well for dictating progress notes in the office, but we will experiment with the sum over the course of the next week or two, to see if this gets any better.


Let's try saying some medical words and see how it works: bob is a 47 year old car Mechanic with chief complaint I've just a name for the last three days.  he smokes to win a tax per day and has a father with COPD.

I think he may have to Cema but it's very unlikely from and this age.  he has a history hypercholesterolemia.  last call a stroll was 7462.  that was the last call Lester all cholesterol got it that time.

his gall bladder was removed six years ago after pinch NBA, and he had a splendid to me too.

Sometimes when he's eating he gets a sensation of heartburn and reflex especially when he eats macaroni and cheese with asparagus.  It is why spare is causes his urine test of funny by Tyson sure him that this was entirely normal.

family history also significant four innings IDs order.  his wife has hypothyroidism.  His two children one with a retinoblastoma and the other has S. Parker center.



OK, so it didn't do the medical staff very well be paragraph will try to drag and later this weekend and I hope to have a trained with some of the medical terminology as well up. 

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