Geek Notes

Dave installed FCKeditor into our MovableType installation.  It's better than HTMLArea, but it will take a bit of getting used to.  HTMLArea had been acting funky ever since we installed the new version of MT.  I'm surprised that MT doesn't come with a WYSIWYG editor.  There are so many available … 

Let's see how it handles images.    Not bad.

Sam's baseball team (which our practice sponsors) won the "majors" division in little league this session.    See .. that's us .. Slingerlands Family Medicine .. in 1st place!

I took the picture with my Treo 600 .. and I continue to be impressed with it, though I'm on my 3rd one … (all replaced for free by Sprint) so I can't say much for the quality control.

Still not able to get a good moblogging tool to work on it… any suggestions? 

Well .. if you do have a suggestion, you'll have to post it on your weblog and send me a trackback .. or send me an e-mail.  I've turned off comments on the site, since I now get over 200 comment spams a day.  MT 3.0 lets me screen them before they get posted, but I just don't have time to review 199 spams to approve of one "real" comment every day.  Soo … comments are gone.

Final Geeknote:  We're playing with an rss feed of rss feeds .. it's an RSS version of  Still in the early stages .. and not yet clean .. but here's a peek.