My Left Arm for a Gmail Account

Wired News: My Left Arm for a Gmail Account. Lots of talk on the Internet about Gmail accounts. Google's version of webmail provides many features, but the two that have haused the most stir are the privacy issues (google's computers read your e-mail and place targeted text advertisements on the screen next to your message) and the size of the mailbox: 1 gigabyte.

I have a gmail account. Lucky me. I won't have to buy one on ebay. Got it from my brother.

a) I love the 1 gb of storage.
b) I don't care about the privacy issues. I have nothing in my e-mail that google's computers aren't welcome to read. E-mail is inherently insecure anyway.

The great features of gmail are the auto-threading, and the ease with which on can "get through" the e-mails. Auto-threading takes all e-mail conversations and groups them together. So if I get a message from mom .. and I reply .. and she replies back .. is all automatically grouped together as one "conversation" instead of three separate e-mails. E-mail processing is also very quick. It's easy to review messages, identify and handle spam, archive, or label a message. All very fast. The user interface is the best I've seen for a web-based e-mail client .. dispacing my previous favorite, oddpost.