Sandifer Syndrome

Ok .. so I hadn't heard of this syndrome, but I've now seen a case (or what I think is a case .. we'll see if the specialists agree) .. and I think it's a good one to know about.  Here's an article with a good summary of some typical findings .. and here's a good review article on it.


One thought on “Sandifer Syndrome

  1. My 4 year old son has been diagnosed with GERD/ Sandifer Syndrome. He is exhibiting all the symptoms- vomiting, coughing, torsonial spasms- (head, neck, and waist bending), stomach churning, loose stools. How common is it to have anemia associated with this? Is this due to the syndrome or is it unrelated? Also, is there anyone that can comment about whether or not they have used muscle relaxers to assist these patients? I get fatigued just from watching him. I can’t imagine how tired he is at the end of the day. He is on Prevacid 2 times a day. Any help/ suggestions, please.

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