Treo 600

Watch – out Bill — I'm wireless now too. 

After a few months of watching and waiting, I did finally get a treo 600.  It is a useful tool that combines the cellphone and PDA.  It doesn't have any true paging technology (like Motorola's FLEX protocol) so it can't (yet) replace a pager.  It should.  Palm and Motorola had this idea five years ago .. I wonder why it didn't move into these devices.

While I do find the device useful as a PDA (it's got all of the old standbys installed: epocrates, 5mcc, shots) … and of course a phone …  the best thing about this device is something that I thought was just a toy beforehand:  Instant Messaging.

Huh?  (you say) ..

For physicians who are not always in the office, this device can significantly improve your life.  Since I work at the Miracle Center 1/2 time … and I'm at the office 1/2 time, I'm often getting pages from one when I'm at the other.  I can't leave a meeting, or interrupt a patient visit to make a phone call, but I CAN respond to an IM quickly and without too much distraction.

Nurse Kathy and I had several little conversations last week with IM.  It saved me four or five phone calls … and got her immediate answers to her patient care questions .. so patients got better service.

I'm using chatter - which is a wonderful little program .. and she's using yahoo.  Yeh .. not very secure.  So no PHI.  I've looked into Jabber  — and we'll probably use that once I can figure out how to install a jabber server.