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A few notes today …

  • Aside from the entries in which I mention not-to-be-mentioned body parts, this post from nearly two years ago is one of the most linked-to posts I've written.  I like it too.  Kinda poetic, eh?  .. and if you ask "googlism.com" what Jacob Reider is … the answer comes from this post.  I now know what I am .. or at least what I'm doing! 
  • I have a heckler now that my wife  has found the weblog.  Sorry … Cerumen = "ear wax"
  • Jacob's famous chicken surprise .. goog and good for you.
    • Handful of frozen chicken breast strips.  Get a 5 pound bag at BJ's or Costco for $10 
    • Plop into hot cast-iron skillet .. fire on at med-hi
    • Splash of Olive Oil
    • ok … another splash of Olive oil
    • Blob of mild salsa …
    • Splash of V8 juice
    • 2 oinions – sliced well.
    • Get the onions UNDER the chicken now … cover and cook for about 15 minutes.  As Maura always said … "Chicken is not like a burger … you don't need to flip it"