The Momdocs project is moving along a bit.  We originally built it because we use an Emr with not-so-good prenatal module. A few years ago, this company lost out to GE in a bidding war for Logician.  The plan, of course, was to throw their old EMR in the trash and use Logician.    Now there are rumors again about this company in the market for another EMR … I wonder if these rumors have any basis …

Anyway …  Momdocs was an effort to make a perinatal record that didn't take forever to manage.  The Misys EMR simply can't build a record that the hospitals would accept.  So we were filling out the ACOG sheets by hand — transcribing them from the EMR when our patients were approaching delivery.   It's too bad that we had to create another home-grown solution, but momdocs – like everything else we've built – is user-focused.  

The residency program is using it more and more, and I've not had much feedback … so I guess that means they like it.

You can try it too … log in with username:demo and password demo.  Looks like Barney Rubble is overdue.  We'll need to induce him soon.