Humans (and other species) prefer to be together.  Even those of us who actually like being by ourselves will admit that we prefer to be on a team.  Kurt Vonnegut called this a "Granfalloon."   The "Bush in 30 seconds" ads remind some of us that we are not alone in our distaste for the current administration .. and in some way – weblogs help us to accomplish this sort of connection as well.  In a sense, welbogs are more like parallel play than true interaction.  Like the toddlers who play near each other (but now WITH each other) - we wouldn't enjoy writing in isolation – yet the writing is much more often a monologue than a dialogue.   Back when there were only two medical weblogs (Docnotes and MedEdNews), I'll admit that it was hard to stay motivated to keep writing.  There were days that David and I were the only ones reading each others' weblogs (and of course they weren't called weblogs back then either).  Now we're a broader community, and I've had a few discussions with Enoch about moving our medical weblog community forward one more step.  Stay tuned … 😉

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