Coldfusion Weblog

CFBlog v.005 is Dave's next big hit.  It's built on Mach II.

Here's a spec-on-a-napkin (the best kind)

  • Imports Radio and MovableType
  • Generates RSS 2.0
  • Won't Generate Atom (just to spite them!)
  • Tackback
  • Searching
  • Multiple Blogs
  • Multiple Authors
  • "easy" mode with layout templates, etc (like Radio or TypePad)
  • "hard" mode with customizable tags .. this will require basic coldfusion skills.
  • Support for static or dynamic page generation
  • RSS subscription (supporting the creation of mini-aggregators)
  • Make breakfast
  • WYSIWYG editing for posts and comments
  • Spam-proof comments
  • Support for categories