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A month or so ago, I discussed (via e-mail of course) an idea with Enoch.  Here goes:  Develop a mechanism for providing Continuing Medical Education credit to physician readers of medical weblogs.  I suppose that nurses and NPs/PAs could do the same .. and I'm happy to help with that .. but our inital idea was to focus on the physicians.  Dr Bob already offers CME on his weblog, but it's a challenge to follow the path toward that credit .. and since he's an Internist – he can't offer AAFP credit – which is important to me (and my family physician colleagues).

Here's my proposal … now that we're nearly ready to begin working on it.   We'll change a bit to highlight Medical weblogs that provide CME. 

Huh? … ok .. here's goes …

We identify 12 medical weblogs that qualify as high quality sources of medical information that would qualify as CME.  Sure .. if we have more than 12 .. that's ok, I suppose.  We'll need to form a core group of us to determine some criteria for inclusion  Pennie?  Bob? Enoch? Steve? …

  • We make sure that these weblogs meet the ACCME's ciriteria for web-based CME
  • We define the GNOME for the learning experience
    • Goals:  what we hope the learner will accomplish
    • Needs: What do they need to reach these goals
    • Methods:  How will we do this
    • Objectives: What are the measurable events that we can track on the way toward the goals?
    • Evaluation:  How will we evaluate what the learner has learned .. and whether our process was implemented properly.
  • We identify 12 medical weblog authors who will volunteer to be responsible for a given month of the year.   Each volunteer would review all 12 weblogs every (week? 2 weeks? month?) and would develop a quiz that would test the participant's learning – and survey the particiant on the quality of the CME activity.
    • We've got quiz-making software here at AMC, so it won't be too hard to get the feedback and quiz done every month.
    • Splitting this up among 12 people will minimize the work we have to do individually.
    • We'll need to do some work on this end to file the appropriate paperwork to be able to grant CME credit. 

Please post feedback to this post and/or send me a message if you would like to volunteer to be an author/collaborator. 


3 thoughts on “CME and Medlogs

  1. i’d be happy to be an editor, or in the core group. I’ll have to start a new category/RSS feed in my personal blog to provide a “high quality source” instead of the dreck stuff i spin 😉 i went to AAFP’s Urgent Care/ER conference in SF last september, and have been meaning to post more notes from that. it’d be a start.

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