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New York Times: A Conversation With | Steffie Woolhandler: Heal Health Care System? Start Anew

Steffie is one of my heroes.  It's now been 14 years since The original paper appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Yikes.  I was applying for medical school at the time, and a friend of mine sent me a copy of a draft version of the article. 

In medical school, I helped start an Albany chapter for the Physicians for A National Health Program .. and when this new thing called the Internet came along, I built the organization a website and hosted it on a server I managed in 1995.

These days I don't have enough time to work on PNHP stuff very much, but this doesn't mean I'm not still passionate about it.  Tha huge administrative overhead that the US insurance industry adds to the cost of healtcare in this country is terrible.  Read the Woolhandler article — it's very compelling.

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