The American Academy of Dermatology has a good patient information handout on Scabies.  It's very well done, and provides useful into. 

I'd like to give it to patients .. and I sometimes do .. but I usually hesitate – or read them sections I don't agree with.  Like the treatment:  "See a dermatologist as soon as possible to begin treatment."

Huh?  Why would it be necessary to see a dermatologist to treat scabies?  Primary care physicians see and treat scabies every day. 

Alas — the line between marketing and medicine blurs once again.  Sure .. the American Academy of Dermatology is gonna suggest that people see a dermatologist.  No surprise there, I suppose .. but is it good medicine?  In fact, I think that it's WORSE medicine than seeing the primary care physician.  We treat the whole family … and scabies is one that can certainly get the whole family.

So the advice of a specialty organization suggests that patietns do something that is better for their business but worse for patient care.  How hard would it have been to say "see your physician" instead?