Medicare Prescription Program

The Medicare prescription drug program stinks.  I don't quite understand why AARP supports it.  Many seniors will get LESS benefits under the program.    Here's a report (pdf) that explains some of the reasons that we shouldn't support it.  Our local newspaper published an editorial this week against it, and I am impressed with their insight.

From an article in the Kansas City Star:

Meanwhile, a dozen AARP members gathered outside the organization's Washington headquarters to protest the decision of the large seniors' group to support the Republican Medicare proposal. Some tore up their membership cards.

"I always felt like they were for us," said Queenita Gaskins, 67. "I cannot believe that they want us to go with something that isn't for seniors." Gaskins criticized what she said was the bill's skimpy coverage of drug costs; the package would offer no coverage, for example, for costs between $2,200 and $3,600.

"This bill is terrible, just terrible," added Evelyn James, 85, as she stood outside the AARP building in pouring rain. "This offers nothing for seniors and will diminish our health services."

.. and another look at the issue from UAW