An interesting letter from Rick Peters on the AAFP Open EHR from last April.  Much has changed since then.

Here's a pair (one  two) of press released from this week.

OK .. so we learned about who the vendors are:

  • A4 Health Systems - EMR
  • GE Medical Systems Information Technologies – EMR
  • HP -Hardware
  • MedPlexus – EMR
  • MedPlus, Inc – Interfaces
  • NextGen – EMR
  • Physician Micro Systems  – EMR
  • Siemens Medical Solutions – hosting, infrastructure
  • Welch Allyn -  instruments

Most of these are no surprise. 

I didn't anticipate Medplus or Welch Allyn.


A Definition of the "ACID" test – as I described a few days ago:

  • Affordability – Recognizing the limited capital available to family physicians in small medical practices, the AAFP's partnering firms will discount their prices and work with the AAFP to increase the volume of their sales for software and hardware.
  • Compatibility – Compatibility will be achieved through efforts to standardize connectivity interfaces between office-based systems, such as the EHR, and key information resources for electronic prescribing, laboratory result reporting and hospital information systems.
  • Interoperability – Interoperability standards, such as the Continuity of Care Record, will be jointly developed by the AAFP and partnering companies to permit seamless data exchange among physicians, other providers and patients.
  • Data stewardship – Data stewardship will become an increasingly important challenge as larger amounts of physician-generated health information are collected, stored and managed in systems and databases across the country. These data must be protected, kept secure and used only for ethical purposes that support the highest values of the medical profession.

… and a search of google for "AAFP EHR" brings up Family Medicine Notes in the top five.