AAFP EHR Project

Still at the AMIA meeting in Washingotn DC.  This afternoon there is good wireless access in the conference room — unlike the morning.

I'm now at a session hosted by Alan Zuckerman.  Alan is a guy who seems to have lots of energy and is always working on yet another project.

Other presenters at this session include David Kibbe – who is the architect of the AAFP EHR project – and Michael Bainbridege.  Mike is from across the pond – and worked for Meditel (now Torex).  Mike is chair of the BCS Primary Health Care Specialist Group. 

The title of this session is:

"A phoenix Rises from the ashes of Open Source: Lessons learned and New Directions Taken"

I suppose this refers to the Oceana product I've discussed before … that's the phoenix.  Now the product has been transferred to Medplexus.